Want To Learn How To Become A Balloon Entertainer?

Zippy Entertainment has been teaching private and group classes for balloon creations around the Gilbert, Scottsdale, and Phoenix areas for several years now. They enjoy creating a welcoming atmosphere for all interested people to learn a new skill or develop a talent.

The students will be required to purchase a bag of balloons, hand pump, and an instructional manual which we will be using in class.

The classes are focused on learning the basic balloon techniques and then learning how to make several balloon creations. The lessons are broken into instructional blocks based on student skill level. Each class is designed to be one-hour to multiple hours and at the end of each class, the student will be able to make several balloon creations.

These balloon creation classes can be set up for a selection of class sizes ranging from a single student to a group no larger than 15 students. The limit of the size of class has been set for the sake of making sure that each student receives genuine one on one attention and education. Any larger class size would do a disservice to the student. Zippy Entertainment wants every interaction with the student to be a positive and rewarding experience. If, for whatever reason, the student(s) cannot make it to class for that week, Zippy Entertainment will make arrangements with the students to video chat or go to the student(s) home in order to learn that week's design. Learning is the key to success in becoming a Balloon Artist.

The classes are all designed to fit the needs of the student(s) and have been developed and tested for small and large groups, community centers and scout troops in mind.

Availability is limited!

We suggest contacting Zippy Entertainment at (480) 310-2510 or Click Here to complete the form below to sign up.

Local Scout Troops

Zippy Entertainment can help your local scout troop earn its BALLOON BADGE! Consult your district head to be sure it’s a recognized badge for your troop then have Zippy Entertainment help all your kids earn a new badge in a fun and educational way.

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