How do I book you?

Zippy Entertainment schedule fills up quickly. Feel free to contact Zippy Entertainment at 480.310.2510 or by E-mail at Zippyisfunny@gmail.com or click here to fill out our form to find out if we’re available for your event. We check our mail regularly and will respond within 24 hours of receiving a request. 100% guaranteed or your event will be FREE, up to 15 people!

How much time should I book for a party?

Zippy Entertainment estimate is to book one hour for every 12 guests who will receive a balloon or more if time permits. Beyond the first hour, we are happy to book in half hour increments, as needed. Feel free to contact Zippy Entertainment at 480.310.2510 or by E-mail at Zippyisfunny@gmail.com  or click here to fill out our form if you have any additional questions.

How far in advance do I need to book you for an event?

Zippy Entertainment highly recommends between 4 – 6 weeks to up to 1 year in advance as our schedule fills up quickly, especially around the holidays.

We have repeated clients who book us year after to year to ensure they get the time and date slots that works best for their family!  We would like to thank those clients very much for their continuous support to our business.

If you are doing some last minute planning, feel free to contact us at 480.310.2510 or by E-mail at Zippyisfunny@gmail.com or Click Here to fill out our form to find out if we’re available for your event. We check our mail regularly and will respond within 24 hours of receiving a request. 100% guaranteed or your event will be FREE, up to 15 people!

How much time should I book for a larger or corporate event?

Keep in mind that everyone loves balloons which may mean long lines.

More guests than time? We also offer custom packages that includes supplemental, pre-made balloons for your event.

For larger events, we offer a menu of faster more basic designs to keep a line moving. Estimate one hour for every 20 guests who will receive a balloon.

If you are hosting a full-day event, ask about our full-day rate.

What are your prices/rates?

Zippy Entertainment rates vary depending on several factors, such as location, size, date, length of time, type of entertainment, and if there is any preparation time required before. If you know all the details of your event, just E-mail us at Zippyisfunny@gmail.com or click here to fill out our form and we’ll provide you with a quote as soon as possible. We will work with your budget and ensure you quailty work. Discounts are given for extended or reoccurring bookings. Generally, a one hour minimum is required for all bookings.

What if not all of my guests show up?

If this happens, Zippy will be able to make more balloons for the lucky guests that attended!

Can I order balloons instead of booking hourly?

Yes! We offer pre-made party favorites in two ways: Columns, or Balloons-To-Go.

Zippy Entertainment has not launch our new products – Celebration Cups, at this time; we’re waiting on a couple of things before we launch our new products. Please stay tune for the latest updates on our new products.

How do I book Zippy Entertainment to twist balloons at my party?

Request a quote by phone or email.

This should arrive in your email within 24 hours. Due to the high demand in our services, the quote is valid for 24 hours.

Accept the quote by sending us a copy of the signed contract.

Scan & email it back to us OR photograph it with your phone & email it back to us.

Pay the invoice online.

We’ll email an invoice with instructions. It’s important to pay this invoice within 24 hours to secure your date/time slot, due to the high demand in our services.

Do you work outdoors?

Zippy Entertainment will work outdoors and generally not a problem, but there are things to keep in mind. If it is a hot or very sunny day, then Zippy Entertainment will need shade to work under. Balloons do pop easier if they get hot and it makes them more difficult to twist them if they get overly heated. If shade can’t be provided by the client for an outdoor event, Zippy Entertainment can provide our own in the form of a collapsible awning for an additional $15.00 charge.

What about holidays?

There is a two hour minimum for holiday bookings. Holidays fill up fast, contact Zippy Entertainment early to secure your spot!

Do you charge travel fees?

Zippy Entertainment travel fees and other expenses are calculated into the rates quoted for the event. Our travel radius is rather large. If the event requires air travel or a hotel stay, then the rate quoted for the event will reflect this as well. Be sure to provide the location of the event so the prices quoted can be as accurate as possible.

Do you work during the week?

Zippy Entertainment will work during the week as long as enough notice was provided for us to attend your event.

Do you require a retainer fee?

Zippy Entertainment will require a non-refundable retainer fee at the time of booking or the gig is NOT considered booked. Anytime we have set aside a date and time, we will come rain or shine. However, Zippy Entertainment will treat each case on a case to case basic in order to arrive at a positive outcome as much as possible between the client and Zippy Entertainment.

NOTE: If for whatever reason(s), there is a failure on our end, such as an accident, vehicle malfunction, act of God etc. with no questions; we would rebook you for another date at no additional retainer fee(s), even if our rates have gone up or fully refund your money at that time.

When Zippy is not balloon twisting; how does he enjoy spending his time?

Zippy enjoys spending time with his family around the country including his grand children in Baltimore, Maryland. Zippy also mentioned, “Spending family time is very important to him.”

Zippy also likes spending time hanging out with his two rescued Terrier mix K-9’s – (Bo and Belle). Zippy says “Bo is his guard dog or so he thinks he is, Bo does not have a mean bone in his body and he is Zippy’s nap time buddy while Zippy catches up on a little shut eye to ensure he is able to continue putting smiles on everyone’s face with his balloon creations.”

As far as Zippy’s other dog, Belle; she has a heart shaped patch on top of her head and it keeps a consistent reminder to make sure Zippy stays focused on what’s important in his life; bringing fun, excitement and laughter through Zippy’s balloon designs to everyone. Zippy also added he gave Belle Zippy as a nick name as well as call letters “BG645” since she likes to keep her ears up like wings on a plane ready for take off at a moment notice.

Does Zippy have any hobbies?

Zippy also enjoys parachuting, scuba diving, riding horses, watching live entertainers, achieving goals and traveling the world. Zippy continued stating “He also supports the Armed Services Veterans since Zippy is also a veteran.”

What does Zippy love most about balloons twisting?

Zippy is known for his ability to please any crowd. The excitement, joy, and laughter that creates a magical experiences for all to enjoy and even turning frowns upside down with my balloon creations. Zippy can make fast and fun balloon animals and not limited to just making dogs, giraffes, superheros, aliens, flower arrangements, variety of swords or even twisted hearts wands.

We are a non-profit organization. Will you donate your time for our event?

Zippy Entertainment around November and December time frame; we select a few charities to be our chosen groups for the following year. If you are planning an event, please contact us early and we would review it for consideration. We can only offer up so much of our time for free to charity events, but we’re always willing to work out discounted rates for non-profit organizations.

I’m putting together a huge event; can you recommend other entertainers also?

Zippy Entertainment has the pleasure of being friends and working alongside with some of the most amazing entertainers around the country. If you’re thinking of adding face painting, juggling, catering, a DJ or anything else to your event, Zippy Entertainment is quite certain we could put you in touch with the people that will help take your event to the next level.

Did you go to school for this?

Zippy Entertainment has began entertaining at a young age, and was lucky enough to apprentice under some world class performers and professionals that helped mold Zippy into the entertainer he is today. Over the years, Zippy has attended classes by masters in the balloon industry and Zippy had the honor of teaching many of those same classes to the new generations entering the balloon artistry field. Currently, Zippy is enrolled in Balloon Artist College to keep current on all the balloon tips, tricks and the latest news in both business and balloon side of the balloon industry.

How long have you been doing this?

Zippy Entertainment has been entertaining professionally for several years.

Do you wear clown makeup?

As of January 1, 2017, Zippy Entertainment is not dressing up in clown makeup due to the recent events about clowns around the country. We will update this area, if anything changes.  When we do offer this service again, the below will apply.

Zippy Entertainment can dress up in clown outfit as well as professional attire or to your theme of your event. When making your booking please let us know if you want or don’t want someone in clown outfit or you want the entertainer to be in theme with your event. Keep in mind, additional fees may apply.

Do you do magic, face painting or anything other than balloons?

At this time, Zippy Entertainment does not offer these types of services. However, we do have tremendous respect for the work the other artist performs in these areas. If you are looking for these artists, Zippy Entertainment can put you in touch with some of the best in the business.

Do you accept credit cards?

Zippy Entertainment currently accepts payments for the booking deposit via Square if you want to use a Credit Card. There is a small additional service charge using this service. Also, Zippy Entertainment can accept payment via Paypal, cash, money order and cashier checks is also acceptable with a completion of a signed service agreement, paid upon arrival at your event. Zippy Entertainment does not accept personal checks.

Are you insured?

Zippy Entertainment is licensed, insured and bonded to include a Level one IVP FBI background clearance card. The price quoted for each event includes the rates for coverage under our plan.

Zippy Entertainment assume no responsibility or liability for accidents or damage caused by party guests.

Are balloons dangerous and what are the allergy statistics?

Generally, balloons are quite safe. Just keep them out of the reach of small children or pets to prevent choking hazards, and pick up scraps as soon as you see them. For the most part people are aware if they are allergic to latex or not, as of 2008 the latest data we could find says that it is less than 1% of the US population. It is higher in some groups like health care workers and people with spinal bifida or other conditions that tend to result in multiple surgeries. Anyone who has undergone multiple surgeries is at a greater risk.

Who can receive a balloon?

Our balloon twister will create for anyone who meet these three conditions:

  • over 3 years old
  • has adult supervision or is an adult
  • does not have a latex allergy. (We ask if you do have an allergy to latex, that you disclose this information to us so we will not give you a balloon.)

We believe safety should be a top priority. Therefore we must have a reasonable confidence they will not place a balloon or balloon fragment into their mouth before we can offer them a balloon.

We set the example by always using a pump to inflate balloons and a balloon cutter to trim balloon pieces. We appreciate parental support in enforcing the rule that balloons are for hands only.

Balloons are good fun for children who are old enough, but for our pets or wildlife they pose a real danger. Always keep balloons away from animals/pets and quickly dispose of deflated balloons.

All our balloons are professional grade latex balloons. Latex allergies are rare, but can be serious. Anyone with a latex allergy should not receive a balloon sculpture.


How can I learn to be a balloon artist?

Zippy Entertainment started out with books from local libraries. However, today Zippy Entertainment offers balloon twisting packages. Click Here for more info on how you can get started and learn more about our classes.

What do I need to do to cancel and will my money be fully refundable?

Zippy Entertainment cancellation policy – Appearance may be cancelled with more than 30 days written notice, with no penalty. If a cancellation occurs with 30 days to 24 hours written notice, 50% of the appearance fee is due immediately. Cancellation with less than 24 hours written notice requires full payment, unless due to a natural disaster. The person or organization hiring the entertainer agrees to pay all legal fees necessary for collection of said fees.

How long do the balloons last?

Great question! Think of the balloons like fresh fruit, keep them in a cool and dry place… and don’t chew on them, they will last longer. On an average a balloon sculpture will last around a week and a half, but we have had clients tell us more than a month later that our creations were still standing. As time passes the sculptures will begin to deflate slowly and more or less evenly.

Are all you balloons treated with sealant? Is it safe?

Not all. Sealant is sticky, messy, and time-consuming so we only apply it to balloons that are intended for display such as Bouquets, Centerpieces, or Celebration Cups.

The sealant goes inside the balloons before inflation. It is clear, water soluble, and non-toxic.

How far in advance should I place an order for delivery?

Zippy Entertainment has not launch our new products at this time; we’re waiting on a couple of things before we launch our new products. Please stay tune for the latest updates on our new products.

Usually orders for delivery should be placed and paid for a minimum of four days in advance.

Nearly all orders are treated with a sealant. It’s great because it increases the longevity of a sculpture. But, it also needs 24-48 hours to dry before we can deliver.

When do you deliver? What are your delivery fees?

Zippy Entertainment has not started delivery, we’re waiting on a couple of things before we launch our new products. Please stay tune for the latest updates on our new products. Deliveries are made between 10am and 2pm most days. We deliver to:

  • Gilbert – $0
  • Mesa – $0
  • Chandler – $0
  • Fountain Hills – $6
  • Ahwatukee – $10
  • Phoenix – $15
  • Scottsdale – $25
  • other areas: get a quote

Locations requiring more than 40 minutes of total travel (ex. Maricopa, Casa Grande, Arizona City) must meet a $75 minimum order to qualify for delivery.  

May I pick up my order?

Great Question, Zippy Entertainment requires all balloon sculptures to be handled somewhat gently. To ensure an order arrives at it’s destination safely and intact, we prefer to deliver orders. While we prefer to deliver, other arrangements can be made as needed.



Thank you for stopping by and we hope to see you at your next event!


Dates are filling up fast!

Contact Zippy Entertainment right away about your upcoming event!

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