The Queen of Cards and all things mystical and magical will entertain your guests with a show that is both unique and highly amusing. If you're Lucky, you'll be chosen to help Calamity Jo with one of her amazing tricks! Calamity Jo's Show is a guaranteed crowd pleaser...for all ages! Besides performing magic, Calamity Jo can even do temporary air brush tattoos. How cool is that?

Calamity Jo's Magic Show - watch a short video on how Calamity Jo can bring the ton of laughter and joy out of everyone.  Laughter begins here


To create a memorable and captivating magic show, there are a few key elements to consider:

The size of the audience: The magic of the performance can be amplified by the energy and reactions of the audience. For an intimate and cozy living room show, a group of around 10 kids would be perfect. However, for a larger and more grandiose stage performance, the ideal number of attendees should be at least 30 people. This size will allow for a more dynamic and exciting atmosphere, and the magic tricks will have a greater impact.

The age of the attendees: Magic is a universally beloved art, but it can be particularly enchanting for children. To make the show even more magical, try to ensure that the majority of the children present are at least 7 years old. This age group is ideal because they are old enough to follow the tricks and understand the concepts, but still young enough to be amazed by the wonder of it all. Involving some of the children in the performance can also make it more special and engaging.

Timing: Timing is an important aspect to consider when planning a magic show. Make sure that the audience has finished eating and are seated at their tables before the show begins. This will prevent any disruptions and ensure that the audience is fully focused on the performance. Timing can also be used to your advantage during the show, such as building suspense or adding drama to the performance.

Appropriate audience behavior: If the show is meant for children, it's important to make sure that the adults maintain an appropriate level of behavior during the performance. Encourage them to remain quiet and respectful during the show, even if they are not particularly interested in the magic themselves. This will help create an immersive and engaging atmosphere for the children, allowing them to fully appreciate the wonder and magic of the show.