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Zippy Entertainment has partnered with Matt Falloon, an International Award Winning Balloon Artist from Australia with selling his "Balloon Cutter" here in the U.S.A. for $25 ea. plus the buyer is responsible for the shipping and handling of $7.00. When the buyer purchase this product through Zippy Entertainment, the buyer will save approx. $20.50 dollars on shipping and handling as well on shipping time (Approx. 5  - 7 days) depending on where you live in the United States instead of ordering directly from Matt Falloon. Yes, this has been discussed and approved by Matt.

Note: If you need us to ship Internationally, please check our "Shipping and Internationally Policies" HERE before making your purchase. Thank You!

The "Balloon Cutter" is not only for balloon artists, it is for EVERYONE who has always been looking for a nice and durable cutter with a replaceable blade that will last.

And now a word from Matt "The Balloon Cutter is stronger (not invincible though) and the latch is now more secure while being easier to open". Thank you Matt!!

Most cutters suffer from the same problem?. Single use! The blade isn't replaceable! Once it's blunt, it's thrown away and you buy a new one. This can be a significant yearly investment. Disposable cutters always seemed so wasteful, and Matt is always looking for a better way to do things. So, Matt is introducing a brand new product for the balloon entertainer market! He has collaborated with working balloon artists, to create the last belt cutter you'll ever need to buy!

The cutting movement has also been improved significantly over traditional belt cutters. Rather than yanking the balloon down onto an upwards blade, the cutter's aperture opens outwards, meaning that you now pull the balloon towards yourself to cut. This reduces wear and tear on your belt or costume, and also makes an accidental cut to the shirt (or seat-belt!) far less likely.

The "Balloon Cutter" is made from durable ABS plastic (the same material as LEGO), has a childproof latch and is available in a wide variety of colors.

UPDATED as of 9/10/2021: The colors currently available are: Blue, Dark Green, Lime Green, Pink, Purple, Red, and Glow In The Dark Cutters. We are currently out of the Black Balloon Cutters and should get them in stock soon! Come back to check.  We do try our best to keep the inventory updated as often as possible.

Yes, we've been getting ton of requests for our Glow In The Dark cutters. Yes, they have arrived! We hope you will enjoy the Glow In The Dark Cutter and even under the Black Lights. (When you receive the Glow In The Dark Cutter, they will look white until you put them in the bright sun for a few minutes or under a black light to check the color of the cutter)

The "Balloon Cutter" uses a standard paint scraper blade as a cutting edge, these blades sell in major hardware chains. The blade enclosure is cleverly designed to expose only enough of the blade as is necessary, the possibility of little fingers venturing to the sharp edge is next to none! When the blade is blunt, before replacing it, you can reverse it in the housing exposing a brand new cutting edge! that's right, two uses per blade!

When you purchase the "Balloon Cutter", the blade is NOT included.

Disclaimer from Matt: "The Balloon Cutters are hand made, it's impossible to get the precision of a factory made part. I'm always working to improve it, and every redesign fixes issues, but people should understand that these are a crafted tool, not a manufactured one."

However, below are some locations we found you could find anywhere from 25 blades to 200 blades starting from $4.00 - $14.49. (Prices may vary, depending where you reside).

Please note, we are not associated with these companies, get any kick backs or endorsing any of them. This strictly for informational purposes only.  

Amazon - 10 blades

Amazon - 100 blades

Home Depot - 25 blades

Uline - 100 blades

Amazon - 100 blades

Walmart - 10 blades

Do you ship Internationally? Yes, we do ship Internationally as long as there are no shipping restrictions. Do you know if your country has any shipping restrictions from the United States? If you are unsure, please check with your local post office or government websites. If there are no restrictions, please understand our website is setup for domestic rates and NOT International rates. Once you've submitted your request in United States Dollars (USD), then we will send you a separate request to pay the difference for international shipping. Once this request has been paid, we will then process and ship your product with a tracking number. If you still have any other questions, please contact Zippy Entertainment directly by clicking HERE.

If you need us to ship Internationally, please check our "Shipping and Internationally Policies" HERE before making your purchase. Thank You!

If you have any questions, please contact Zippy Entertainment directly by clicking HERE.

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